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Terry Martin, Certified FHA, USDA and VA Appraiser 

State Certified - Residential Real Estate Appraiser
Approved FHA and VA Appraiser

    High School: Pittsburg High School, Pittsburg, Texas, and Graduated May 1973
    College: Tyler Junior College, Tyler, Texas
    Associate of Arts Degree, Business & Finance, Graduated May 1978

    Uniform Standards of Professional Practice, Part C, October 2000
    FHA Appraiser Examination, Passed, January 2000
    USPAP Update Course 400, May 2004
    USPAP Update Course, April 2006
    USPAP Update Course, April 2009
    USPAP Update Course, March 2011
    USPAP Update Course, February 2014
    USPAP Update Course, February 2016

    Appraising From Blueprints, April 2007
    Appraising Manufactured Housing, April 2007
    Residential Design and Functional Utility, April 2007
    Reviewing & Underwriting Residential Appraisal Report, April 2008
    Introduction to FHA Appraising, March 2009
    The New Residential Market Conditions Form, March 2009
    Online Valuation of Green Residential Properties, April 2009
    Valuation of Green Residential Properties May 2009
    Residential Sales Comparison and Income Approaches, September 2009
    Business Practices and Ethics, November 2009
    Data Verification Methods, January 2010
    The Uniform Appraisal Dataset, August 2011
    Unraveling the Mystery of Fannie Mae Appraisal Guideline, April 2014
    Expanding the Real Estate Market in East Texas, April 2014
    Fannie Mae/ANSI Update, No. 139, February 2015
    Defensible approaches to Value, March 2015
    Development of the S. Tyler Corridor & Tyler Economic Outlook, March 2015
    FHA SFR Appraising, Handbook 4000.1 No 154. August 2015
    Methodology & Applications of Sales Comparison, Feb 2016
    Comprehensive SF Calculations No 155. Feb. 2017

    February, 1985 - Present
        Fee Appraiser for Appraisal Associates, Residential and other properties upon assignment
    August 1984 - February 1985
        Fee Appraiser for Chesley & Associates, Residential and other properties upon assignment
    October 1980 - July 1984
        Chief Appraiser, Camp County Appraisal District, Appraisal of residential and commercial properties for tax purposes. Also directed mapping and tax collections for all participating jurisdictions.

    Greater Tyler Association of Realtors
    Texas Association of Realtors
    National Association of Realtors