Tyler Appraisal Associates, Inc.

Real Estate Appraisers & Consultants

Dwaine Daugherty, Certified FHA & USDA Appraiser

State Certified - Residential Real Estate Appraiser
FHA Approved Appraiser

        High School: Quitman High School, Quitman, Texas
        Graduated May 1989

        Tyler Junior College, Tyler, Texas
        University of Texas at Tyler - Graduated Dec., 1993
        B.A. Degree in Psychology

Cont. Education:
        FHA and the Appraisal Process, Dallas, 8/99
        FHA Appraiser Examination, Passed, 9/99
        USPAP Update Course, April 2003
        USPAP Update Course, January 2004
        Appraising the Secondary Market, January 2006
        USPAP Update Course, September 2007
        National USPAP, 2010-2011, June 2011
        National USPAP. 2014-2015, December 2013
        National USPAP, 2016-2017, January 2016

Appraisal Institute:
        Internet Search Strategies, 5/02
        Intro to GSI, 5/02
        FNMA Appraisal Seminar, 3/02
        Residential Property Construction and Inspection, October 2003
        Appraising Manufactured Housing, February 2004
        Value to Determine Conditions in Real Estate, May 2004
        USPAP Update Course, December 2005
        FHA and The Appraisal Process, January 2006
        Professional Guide to the Uniform Residential Appl. Report, 9/2007
        Professional’s Guide to the Fannie Mae 2-4 Unit Form 1025, 7/2007
        Online Condominiums, Co-ops and Puds, March 2008
        Reviewing Residential Appl. And Using Fannie Mae Form 2000, Nov. 2008
        National USPAP Equivalent Course, Nov. 2009
        Residential Challenge: Declining Markets & Sales Concessions, Jan. 2011
        Revised 9/2016

Appraisal Institute Continued:
        Online Valuation of Green Residential Properties, Jan. 2011
        General Appraiser Market Analysis Highest & Best Use, April 2011
        General Appraiser Sales Comparison Approach, May 2011
        General Appraiser Site Valuation and Cost Approach, June 2011
        General Appraiser Income Approach, June 2011
        General Report Writing and Case Studies, June 2011
        Residential Appraisal Review, December, 2013
        Mortgage Fraud, Protect Yourself, December, 2013
        Risky Business: Ways to Minimize Your Liability, December 2013
        Mold, Pollution and the Appraiser, December 2013
        The New FHA Handbook 4000.1, November 2015
        Supervisor-Trainee Course for Texas, November 2015
        Essential Elements of Disclosures and Disclaimers, December 2015
        REO and Foreclosures, December 2015
        The New FHA Handbook 4000.0, September 2016
        Defensible Appraising, September 2016
        Covering All the Bases in Residential Reporting, September 2016

        May 15, 1994 - Present
        Real Estate Appraiser for Appraisal Associates; residential, land and other
        properties upon assignment

        Texas Appraiser Licensing & Certification Board
        Greater Tyler Association of Realtors
        Texas Association of Realtors
        National Association of Realtors